The solutions

ATELIER is the continuous evolution of a WEB solution and an ERP software, fully integrated and totally dedicated to FASHION.

ATELIER includes many tools integrated into a single centralized platform, highly standardized because it is consolidated on hundreds of realities. Each individual project is the result of a modular combination, scalable over time, of the various tools available, which allows you to build an ad hoc configuration designed on the unique needs of the individual company.

The result is a single platform, which can be installed in the cloud or on premise or in hybrid mode, equipped with all the necessary hardware: through this platform it is possible to manage data entry or production, enrich a centralized catalogue, manage logistics of central or remote warehouses and physical and virtual stores, the online flows of B2B and B2C sites created in different technologies, Magento, Custom and Shopify, together with web marketing activities.

The strategic quid of ATELIER lies in the OMNICHANNEL modules where you can connect, operating within the platform, and publish your catalogs on unlimited European, Asian, American, premium or luxury marketplaces, as well as potentially connect to new online channel models, comparators… The solution is enriched and completed, in a modular way, by mobile Apps, CRM, accounting and BI software, internal or exportable.