PIM – product information management

What makes the difference is being able to quickly create a complete catalog of items while minimizing costs, being able to dynamically managing product information, enriching and combining contents in order to convey them with differentiated logic towards the various channels.

Managing this flow is strategic in an increasingly intense context, where marketplaces and new channels to connect to are growing, times are limited and content becomes the critical factor, with increasingly varied input tools, dispersed files and delocalized working teams.

All features in one web interface

Creation of unlimited photo Galleries differentiated by channel through massive import from files or at the same time as the shooting, photo search DAM with filters for creating stories and events, unlimited Description structures in different languages, Classifications and Tags, promo and sales Price Lists, Geopricing, advanced SEO with multiple filters.

Many workspaces to configure levels of data access and authorizations according to profiles in order to maximize the operations of the teams involved, minimizing risks and dispersion of resources and maximizing everyone’s skills.


The heart of profitability lies in a few key operations that allow you to refine the omnichannel strategy day by day, monitoring trends and KPIs.

Functionalities to filter the catalog and set publishing rules, promos and discounts to apply in the various channels. Visibility on sellouts to instantly modify your strategy.

Features with high added value such as the input of commissions and additional expenses to calculate the actual margins, and the input of sellable quantity limits per channel and per item, in order to anticipate or chase sales opportunities.

Digital Warehouse

Strongly connected with the PIM is the strategic analysis of the warehouse depths to verify the precision in the management of the stocks and the efficiency of the omnichannel policy.

You will browse the catalog with unlimited filters and configurable extrapolations, in order to monitor the completeness of the data and the operations performed, move products instantly and check online the availability on the various channels.