Strategic Consultancy

The construction of a project is initial analysis and project management, understanding of operational processes, skills and teams, consolidated document flows and flows to be optimized in order to activate the sources of profitability.

At the start of the project, specialized teams take turns in the training phases and in the control steps, up to the go-live.

The support over time includes continuous training, management of the problem and of critical and unpredictable situations, proposal of evolutions and new tools to guide the company growth, transposition of Best Practices tested in apparently different projects, customized interventions per project and ad hoc consultancy.


Integrated business intelligence

Reporting is an internal and native module of ATELIER, with millions of statistics processed in real time by calculating data directly from movements to guarantee certainty, immediacy and consistency of information.

Different layouts and many enhancement criteria, targeted in-depth analyzes and monitoring of the various business areas, corporate management and all its flows.

Sellouts, summaries and cross-year analyzes to compare different sales channels, types of customers, online and offline businesses.

Highly customizable reports with different visualization possibilities: immediate in the grid, in pdf, export in excel.

The lookout function allows to automatically generate and receive via e-mail reports on the progress of your business at any time.

Alternative BI

The integration of Atelier to Microsoft’s Power BI allows the management staff to consult macrodata in complete mobility from their tablet or smartphone.

Simple and intuitive dashboards make the data easily interpretable and accessible providing the management a helicopter view of their business: starting from the seasonal performance, differentiated by channel: online, offline and B2B. It is possible to reach important levels of depth relating to the single brand or the specific store that allow to never lose focus on your performance.

The OLAP tool allows you to extract your database in Excel with levels of detail down to the single article. Data therefore ready for more sophisticated processing, and to be interpreted through pivot tables or external BI.


Integrated business management

The core solution of ATELIER oversees the heart of the fashion company’s business: content management, item handling, retailer and omnichannel.

The extended solution makes it possible to supervise all other business processes in a single modular platform: accounting, finance, procurement, supply chain and production.

The goal is to allow the company to manage and monitor the entire organization in a comprehensive and integrated way, with an efficient, consistent and immediate data exchange.


Through own and Zucchetti group solutions, it is possible to identify and combine many components that cover all management and administrative aspects, of small and large companies alike:

general accounting, budgets and reclassifications, cost accounting, active and passive electronic invoicing, purchases, bill of materials with variants, production, subcontracting and planning…


In-store operation

Through an intuitive and 100% touch screen interface, fully modular and customizable, the POS module represents the historic core of the ATELIER solution and nowdays allows you to perform all activities related to cash operations: sales, discounts, collections, returns, advances, good, goods in reservation and in vision.

Allows the issuing of pre-set and headed documents, with diversified layouts: electronic invoices, telematic commercial documents, lists, delivery notes and tax free invoices thanks to the integration with the main systems interfaced with Otello 2.0 (Global Blue, Planet, Stamp)

Integrated systems and cash machines

ATELIER supplies Epson cash machines already equipped with the integration module.

Further integrations such as Ingenico devices for the automation of credit card collections and people counting systems for recording store entrances in the ATELIER for strategic analyses, average receipts, conversion rates…

Omnichannel transfers and flows

Movements to other points of sale or warehouses for order fulfillment from omnichannel channels or for end-of-season returns.

There are control tools, which can be parameterized with different levels of checking, to verify and validate the entry of goods from other stores or warehouses.

Check availability and in-store reservations

Real-time check of availability in your store and in other stores or warehouses, with the possibility of “reserving” a specific size item from another store/warehouse in order to request its shipment.


Integrated logistics

Evolving companies that, regardless their size, see the omnichannel mix growing, must also review their own logics for managing spaces and internal handling and order fulfillment processes.

The ATELIER logistics module is adaptive to company characteristics, manages inbound and outbound B2C/B2C and retail flows, integrating perfectly with the operational and reporting management.

Internal WMS

The company chooses to acquire its own spaces and resources rather than using external services, managing everything: from goods handling and location processes, to picking and integrated automated multi-channel shipping.

External WMS

The company uses the services of a logistics partner instead of acquiring its own warehouse and staff while still maintaining control of the delivery/collection flow and delegating the management of location, picking and shipping.


Delivery control, alerts and shooting management, goods handling via mobile app, EAN association, variance reports, photo and data enrichment, location (by item, cart, customer, package…), optimized picking with differentiated picking missions, ventilation, shipping by channel , closed orders alerts and automatic printing of shipping documents (integration of couriers and recommended rates).


The omnichannel strategy starts in the buying section

Speed, precision and insertion of the maximum number of information while minimizing resources and time are fundamental activities in the article coding phase and allow you to obtain a competitive advantage.

Speed, precision and insertion of the maximum number of information while minimizing resources and time are fundamental activities in the article coding phase and allow you to obtain a competitive advantage.

The input of the estimated budgets to be assigned to each door allows you to plan the costs management and the guided split of the incoming goods from the various destinations.

Integrated tools

Entering photos and data in complete mobility is simple through the mBuyer APP: take photos in the showroom by reading the QR Code of the order entered from the desktop, upon uploading the photos will be automatically uploaded and associated with the items.

It is possible to massively download contents from international B2B portals or through direct integrations with brands.

Production ERP and ATELIER in constant communication exchange data and records details in a continuous upload and download of information and movements.

Reports and documents

Instant issue of documents already set up and registered for B2B order confirmations, proformas, invoices…

Real-time reports on the total orders and on the control of incoming goods are automatically produced from the first movements entered.


Customers: contacts, relationship and performance

Designed to allow the compilation of customer master data enriched with all strategic data, in order to finalize the management of an integrated campaign system: dedicated percentage or value discounts by customer type, brand and product category, birthday campaigns, points campaigns, gift cards, marketing emailing, newsletters, sms campaigns.

The customer profiling system is fast and contextual to the registration and sales operations. An extensive reporting by customer type and B2C and B2B business area up to the single channel, allows you to formulate tailored proposals and policies.

GDPR Management and Informed Consent

Your customers can self-register on the APP and instantly provide the consents necessary for the processing of their data for administrative or promotional purposes. You will consult the status of the consents directly in the ATELIER CRM and from the business intelligence section you will be able to extract and massively manage the different authorization levels.


Mobile means freedom and performance

The “New Work”, a new way of working for companies, the most dynamic ones, is flexible, digital and collaborative. Smart working also means working quickly and efficiently while on the move.

ATELIER has transferred, and still is doing so, the most strategic operations into the mobile applications: taking a photo of an item or checking sellouts and availabilities while moving between shelves and offices, closing a sale while remaining alongside the customer. Even using a smartphone…

mWandO APP

Activable from any mobile device, the APP has all the key functions for managing warehouses and contents: from associating the public barcode to quickly taking photos of items, from sales operations alongside the customer, to movements such as inventories and transfers, with advanced functions such as receiving sound notifications and pick lists for online orders.

mPos APP

Managing the order on the go, saving time on inserting content becomes a key factor. The mBuyer APP allows you to upload your order directly in the Showroom from a simple smartphone. Take the picture and upload the code and the main information together with audio content, then send the data to the office in order to enrich it with all the other information.

mBuyer APP

Managing the order on the go, saving time on inserting content becomes a key factor. The mBuyer APP allows you to upload your order directly in the Showroom from a simple smartphone. Take the picture and upload the code and the main information together with audio content, then send the data to the office in order to enrich it with all the other information.

mGuest APP

It makes customers free to interact with the omnichannel with the possibility of building autonomous purchasing experiences, by accessing your company’s catalogs updated in real time from the App, in order to create lists and purchase requests instantly downloaded and visible in your interfaces.


Choose the web marketing strategy

Communication, at the basis of any form of Marketing, in the digital sector is an exponential factor, since with just a few clicks you have the opportunity to reach millions of people every day.

Our Digital Marketing projects are based on vertical expertise completely dedicated to FASHION.

The ATELIER Marketing team builds plans starting from the definition of S.M.A.R.T objectives together with your digital team: creation of the brand awareness, growth in visits, increase in sales.

A mix of services allows you to:

  • Rapidly increase targeted traffic from the advertising channels of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, identifying Machine Learning or Growth Hack technologies based on the catalog content in order to profile new users as much as possible.
  • Design the optimal funnel to sell products online. We find your market niche and the ideal sales sector for your average cart and target audience.
  • Create the efficient strategy over time, to maintain contact with new and already-acquired customers.

Data analysis and study are a fundamental part of the strategy: information processing is managed and monitored by a dedicated team with experience in the fashion world.

Use tools effectively

In the complex and articulated context of the possible actions and in an adaptive manner with respect to the types of targets, products and channels, we plan and carry out the following activities:

1.Marketing automation

Marketing-emailing is the key-communication to consolidate turnover objectives and retain as many customers as possible. The cost of acquiring new customers is high and the goal is to continuously increase the customer database.

We define with the company themes, contents and sending timing, we create and manage the sending of newsletters with the proper workflow, that is cohesive in respect of the agreed editorial times and aesthetic standards.

2. Social campaigns (Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads)

The exponential volume of users active every day on Facebook and Instagram makes it possible to trigger more active and immediate advertising strategies and methods: the end user is able to see the advertisement immediately and the results will be available quickly.

Within the world of Meta Adv we implement engagement strategies and marketing campaigns with as many objectives as possible:

Awareness campaigns

Consideration campaigns

Conversion campaigns

3. PPC (pay per click) campaigns through Google Ads

We use the services of this channel to reach the ideal targets more precisely and in the appropriate context. We plan and activate the whole range of possible ads within Google: search, shopping, display, video, gmail.

4. CPA (cost per acquisition) campaigns & Influencer Marketing

Affiliation is increasingly an essential tool for reaching a vast audience of potential buyers.

We activate a close collaboration between merchants (sellers) and publishers (affiliates) to increase the sell-out capacity of the digital project.

We evaluate each market in respect of the best publishers and the product sold by the individual customer by a work of analysis and profiling.


360° web projects

We create B2C, B2B and Marketplace sites also in dropshipping mode

We manage the entire project, from the initial analysis, graphic design, project management, development, training, support up to the post-golive consultancy and web marketing.

We only create projects for FASHION with a specialized know-how in this sector and a range of features with high added value: standard sizes, carry-over items, geopricing, kids bands and price lists by size…

Solutions in different technologies

Custom, Magento and Shopify, we choose together the ideal technology according to your brand’s goals and online philosophy.

Custom solutions

Customized E-Commerce using proprietary technology as an integrative component to the management system. Possibility of having a personalized layout created by specialized graphic staff. Extended management/interaction between online backend and ATELIER: content editing, SEO, CRM, OMS, Marketing with a wide range of third-party App integrations.

Customized E-commerce in Magento 2.x

Through a native integration, ATELIER interfaces directly with the Magento Backend in order to have updated incoming/outgoing data and a guarantee of action and automation.

Customized Shopify Ecommerce

ATELIER has developed an ad hoc integration to use the platform services independently – or with the support of specialized personnel – with constantly updated incoming and outgoing data.

Customized B2B e-commerce

Thanks to the real-time updating of the availabilities and contents, we offer a simplified web interface to operate via E-Commerce also in areas related to Business To Business.

Browsable and filterable catalog directly from the web with multiple Order formulas dedicated to the Business world to facilitate the relationship between companies of the sector.


ATELIER develops the complete project, starting from the technology for unlimited connection with the databases of partner companies, central database management with smart functions for unification, homogenization and mapping of the collected data, up to the creation of the B2C or B2B front end platform.

Publication of the aggregate catalog, download of orders, with sorting algorithms, towards individual partner companies. Centralized or external logistics.

Web integrated to the business management

The distinguishing factor is the ability to integrate the web with the rest of the business management, especially the offline channels.

In ATELIER the database is as unique as the interface, whether to work is a buyer, the store staff or the digital team, with obvious advantages in terms of efficiency, immediacy and accuracy of the data.

Sharing content between channels triggers a creative and virtuous energy that opens up to innovative markets and new sales algorithms.


Content enrichment exchanges and synergies with other corporate businesses thanks to the centralized PIM interface: B2B catalogs, data flows for marketplaces and flows generated for internal use.

Set of advanced features that intersect both online and offline: in-store online order alerts for immediate picking, in-store collections and returns, shipping point and stock point management, comparative trend analysis of all channels.